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Looking Back on 2019

As we wrap up the first full week of the new year, I’m taking a quick look back at the climate movement in 2019. One year ago, I made some predictions about climate politics trends in 2019 (see my original post here) – and wanted to see how much I got right! Continue reading “Looking Back on 2019”

Why Silicon Valley Should Support the Paris Agreement

President Trump is on the verge of a monumental decision to withdraw or keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement. Signed by 194 nations in December 2015, the Paris Agreement establishes the first global goal to limit warming to 2°C above preindustrial levels. But now, the new U.S. administration plans to roll back a suite of environmental measures, and the Paris Agreement is potentially on the chopping block. While this might seem like a distant, bureaucratic matter, the Paris Agreement has immediate, tangible benefits on a local scale. Here in Silicon Valley, the agreement will help create jobs, incentivize innovation, and spur growth in the clean energy sector today – while reducing costly climate impacts tomorrow. We must remind the Trump administration that the Paris Agreement will help, not hinder, our critical slice of the American economy. Continue reading “Why Silicon Valley Should Support the Paris Agreement”

What Trump’s First Week Means for the Planet – and What You Can Do About It

Friends, it’s been a rough week. Every day I’ve woken up feeling discouraged, terrified, pessimistic, outraged, or all of the above. It’s been hard for me to process how utterly destructive Trump’s first week in office has been, and I’ll admit I’ve pretty much failed to stay calm. The news has been hitting me like big, crashing waves – and before I can get up again and recover, another wave comes crashing over me. The blazing pace of news this week about pretty much every progressive issue – women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigration – has been utterly astounding and I’ve found it nearly impossible to keep up. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to help myself and those around me by summarizing what exactly happened this week in terms of the environment, what people are already doing in response, and what you can do right now to help. Continue reading “What Trump’s First Week Means for the Planet – and What You Can Do About It”

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