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Yosemite, a New Winter Wonderland

Two weeks ago, Bryant and I visited Yosemite National Park in the California Sierras for the second time in my life. The first time was exactly two years ago, in February 2014 (read my blog post about it here). Back then, California was in deep drought, and Yosemite was dry and fairly warm, without a speck of snow to be seen. This time, things were very different.

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A Self Critique: My Own Carbon Footprint

So far, this blog has been a jumbled combination of posts on environmental issues and travelogues from my global adventures. My original intention for Navigating Nature was for it to be a platform for effective and meaningful science communication, and as my life has taken its twists and turns, various different types of posts have emerged. Continue reading “A Self Critique: My Own Carbon Footprint”

A Scary New Source of Energy

Deep below the crashing waves, the ocean rumbles. Away from the boats, away from the people, away from the species we are familiar with – the ones we eat, the ones we admire on snorkeling trips to coral reefs. Down here, the enormous pressure would blow a human to smithereens in a fraction of a second. Down here, it is dark and vast. But it is not empty – there are creatures we could not even dare to dream of, like 20-foot-long worms and gigantic crabs. There is something else here though, something we are daring to dream of, and something some people want desperately. They are called methane hydrates. Continue reading “A Scary New Source of Energy”

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