Here are a few samples of my writing on a variety of different topics. These papers are my personal work, and any resources that I drew upon are cited within each paper. Please do not use any of this material without my permission.


Stop Calling Them “Climate Deniers”: The Pitfalls of Shaming Republicans into Action on Climate Change

Pros and Cons of Pluralism in the Environmental Civil Society Space


CONSERVE: Currents, Oscillations, and Nutrients in Seamount Ecosystems Reveal Vital Endeavors

From Lima to Paris- Bridging the Economic Gap

The Case of the Waigaoquiao Coal Plant- Moving Towards a More Efficient and Equitable Clean Development Mechanism


How Should the U.S. Control the Impact of Aquaculture on World Fish Supplies?

Ecotourism and the Maasai in East Africa – Why Safaris and Community Development Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive

PINGOs, BINGOs, and the Maasai- Improving Communication and Collaboration on Indigenous Land Rights in Tanzania

A Sedimentological Multi-Proxy Study of Late Holocene Climate Change in Southern Patagonia


Midway’s Legacy – Inspiring Action through Awareness

Renewable Energy Credits- How a Good Idea is Slowing Our Economy’s Transition to Renewable Energy and Genuine Environmental Stewardship


The Potential Impacts of the Gulf of Mexico’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill


Trawling Underwater Trees – Are We Undermining Our Own Survival?